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Everyone wins at virus protection. During this time of COVID-19, the stakes are clearly high. In order to operate your business, you need to demonstrate the best possible protocols for social distancing. At Clear Armor Solutions, we provide the best possible solutions in personal face shields, custom acrylic barriers and safety partitions. Put your money on us and the payout will be substantial safety and confidence for guests and employees.

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Put the odds safely in your favor

Your operation is unique; you require transparency and eyes-on security, while at the same time, you are host to guests who need to feel comfortable and welcomed. And now, there’s a global pandemic. At Clear Armor Solutions, we help you maintain welcoming contact, needed security, and outstanding protection from viral spread. We build effective and attractive custom safety partitions, counter dividers, acrylic barriers and smart face shields. For better than 40 years, we’ve been leaders in advanced acrylic solutions.

The house, and everyone in it, wins

The Coronavirus has altered work, life and every human interaction. Our job is to help you present a reality resembling “normal,” while absolutely assuring the highest level of protection for all. Clear Armor Solutions will create smart acrylic safety partitions, custom barriers and personal face shields that will not alter your ability to do your job.

Our face shields are FDA-approved, anti-fog and eyewear-friendly. They can be branded with your company’s identity or left unbranded. Our products are made in the USA, with many standard sizes ready to pack and ship immediately. Time to adapt to the new “game” in town.

A process of clear protection

Our process for producing social distancing solutions has been in place long before the current pandemic. We listen to your needs, access your situation, measure, think, design and create. At Clear Armor Solutions, we are 40- years strong in the industry of custom safety partitioning. We make everyone feel safe, on both sides of the acrylic. Good luck is nice; a great partner is better.

Armor yourself

At Clear Armor Solutions, our goal is to make our custom social distancing barriers elegant, protective, and nearly as invisible as the virus it’s containing. Let us know how we can help you do smart and responsible business.

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