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Transportation "Armor"

Custom Safety Partitions for Cars & Rideshares Rideshares, taxis and cars are small spaces susceptible to Covid-19 spread. At Clear Armor Solutions, we have the technology and know-how to absolutely minimize the risk of spread. We create custom safety partitions and barriers for private cars, rideshare vehicles and taxicabs. Over 40 years of acrylic experience gives us the knowledge and capacity to offer perfectly clear solutions.

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Drive safely and ride safely with acrylic vehicle partitions

Be the smartest vehicle on the road with custom safety partitions and barriers for cars, rideshares and taxis. When your passenger climbs aboard, they’ll be pleasantly relieved and impressed to see that you care. You’re providing a valuable public and private service, not to mention protecting your own well-being. Clear Armor Solutions will customize and scale up for your specific vehicle’s partition needs.

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Get there and back with Clear Armor Solutions

We are driven (you knew that word would eventually be used) to keep your operation moving with the very best in safety partitions and barriers. Clear Armor Solutions is just that, smart acrylic safety partitions, barriers and solutions that keep driver and rider stress-free and safe.

Vehicle partitions designed to fit and function exceptionally:

  • Premium safety dividers and barriers for cars, rideshare and taxi fleets
  • Many standard sizes ship immediately
  • Quick turnarounds to move orders with pandemic-worthy speed
  • FDA-approved, anti-fog and eyewear-friendly face shields
  • Made in the USA

A process of clear protection

Our process for producing social distancing solutions has been in place long before the current pandemic. We listen to your needs, assess your situation, measure, think, design and create. At Clear Armor Solutions, we aren’t new to the need and value of custom safety partitioning. We make everyone feel safe, on both sides of the acrylic. Where can we take you?


Armor yourself

At Clear Armor Solutions, our goal is to make our custom social distancing barriers elegant, protective, and nearly as invisible as the virus it’s containing. Let us know how we can help you do smart and responsible business.

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