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Custom safety partitions STAT. Hospitals, healthcare clinics, providers and professionals are working at the sharp end of the Covid-19 stick. Never before has the need for proper, well-engineered protection been more clear and critical. We are Clear Armor Solutions, and we have the custom safety partitions, portable wall systems, medical room dividers and face shields that do the job of efficient, thorough and unobtrusive virus protection.

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Separating ourselves from the competition

We have engineered, developed and delivered the highest quality acrylic innovations for better than 40 years. Your hospital or healthcare facility can expect rapid and exceptional safety partition solutions, no matter how large the deployment. Clear Armor Solutions has the protection that your heroic healthcare warriors need and deserve.

No obstacles to better barriers

Clear Armor Solutions is about uncommon superiority in highly engineered and meticulously designed acrylic craftsmanship. Put our custom safety partitioning in place from waiting rooms to ICUs, from nurse face shields to portable room dividers, from admissions to x-ray, we have the solutions. Keep everyone on both sides of the acrylic safe and secure with the expertise of Clear Armor Solutions.

The chart on Clear Armor Solutions:

  • Hospital safety partitions
  • Custom safety partitions
  • Portable protective barriers
  • Portable wall systems
  • Hospital room dividers
  • Nurse face shields
  • Intubation shields
  • Surgical face shields
  • Made in the USA

A process of clear protection

Our process for producing social distancing solutions has been in place long before the current pandemic. We listen to your needs, access your situation, measure, think, design and create. At Clear Armor Solutions, we aren’t new to the need and value of custom safety barriers. Put us in place for superior protection of patients and health professionals

Armor yourself

At Clear Armor Solutions, our goal is to make our custom social distancing barriers elegant, protective, and nearly as invisible as the virus it’s containing. Let us know how we can help you do smart and responsible business.

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