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Restaurants & Bars

Service with a smile & a sneeze guard. Few things are more personal than sharing food and drink. As a restaurateur or bar owner, you take pride in a spotless, sanitary and healthy establishment—now you need to take your efforts even further. At Clear Armor Solutions, we can help you go beyond the expected with custom safety partitions for the restaurant and bar industries. Invite your guests to eat with you, and drink with you, in total confidence.

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Socialize in safe style

Human contact is key to the your business. At Clear Armor Solutions, we help you maintain welcoming contact with your patrons without fear of virus spread. We build effective and attractive custom sneeze guards and safety partitions designed for restaurants and bars. For over four decades we’ve been leaders in advanced acrylic solutions.

Eat, drink & be sanitary

Covid-19 has changed the rules of engagement in the restaurant and bar industries, and you have to adapt. You’ve always made your guests feel safe and welcome in your restaurant, bistro, coffee shop, bar, club, or pub—that has been more true and important. Clear Armor Solutions is just that, smart acrylic safety partitions and sneeze guards that armor you and your guests against viral spread.

A process of clear perfection

Our process for producing social distancing solutions for the restaurant and bar industries has been in place long before the current pandemic. We listen to your needs, access your situation, measure, think, design and create. At Clear Armor Solutions, we aren’t new to your industry of custom partitioning. We make everyone feel safe, on both sides of the acrylic. Bon appétit and cheers.


Armor yourself

At Clear Armor Solutions, our goal is to make our custom social distancing barriers elegant, protective, and nearly as invisible as the virus it’s containing. Let us know how we can help you do smart and responsible business.

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