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Checkout Shields & Sneeze Guards for Retail

Grocery shopping re-imagined. Even in the midst of a global pandemic,we’ve still got to eat—and most of us have to shop for what we eat. You want your customers to recognize that you’ve put the precautions in place that prove you care. Clear Armor Solutions will arm your operation with grocery store sneeze guards, protective barriers, and checkout shields that safeguard shoppers and workers alike.

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Protective retail barriers in aisle 4

Wherever you need barriers to potential virus transmission, we’ll provide the custom solutions that come from more than 40 years of acrylic innovation. Customers feel valued and appreciated when they see protective measures, like grocery store sneeze guards, checkout shields and glass counter barriers. Clear Armor Solutions is your express lane to the highest grade, quality-made acrylic craftsmanship.

Our bread and butter

Protective sneeze guards, acrylic shields and checkout barriers are becoming commonplace. Clear Armor Solutions delivers uncommon superiority in highly engineered and meticulously designed acrylic craftsmanship. We check all the boxes for safe and exceptional social distancing barriers. Keep everyone on both sides of the acrylic safe and secure with the expertise of Clear Armor Solutions.

The Clear Armor Solutions’ offers:

  • Grocery store sneeze guards
  • Cashier checkout shields
  • Acrylic counter barriers
  • Retail protection shields
  • Custom and Portable protective barriers

A process of clear protection

Our process for producing social distancing solutions has been in place long before the current pandemic. We listen to your needs, access your situation, measure, think, design and create. At Clear Armor Solutions, we aren’t new to the need and value of custom safety barriers. We make everyone feel safe, on both sides of the acrylic. Make sure your customers feel confident running in for the milk and eggs, with Clear Armor Solutions.

Armor yourself

At Clear Armor Solutions, our goal is to make our custom social distancing barriers elegant, protective, and nearly as invisible as the virus it’s containing. Let us know how we can help you do smart and responsible business.

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